Equipment stolen from charity

Austin, 10, Charlie, 12, and Jacinta, 12, were able to get back on their ponies thanks to the support of the community following the theft of helmets and other equipment.

By Jackson Russell

Riding for the Disabled Seymour has praised the goodwill of the community after more than $1000 of equipment was stolen last month, but the organisation still needs help.

Riding for the Disabled Victoria is a community-driven not-for-profit that enables people with disability of all ages and backgrounds to experience freedom and independence through equestrian activities.

Helmets, boots, reins and halters were stolen from the charity organisation’s shed which prevented children that use the service from being able to ride for two weeks.

RDA Seymour coach Kirsty Adamson said it was heartbreaking for the kids to not be able to ride.

“We’re just trying to help these kids ride and when they can’t ride, it’s not their fault, it’s not our fault, it’s just unfortunate that someone did that to us,” she said.

“We felt betrayed. How can someone do this to the kids?

“How can someone be so nasty and cold-hearted to just be able to steal this from the kids?”

RDA Seymour coach Kirsty Adamson with Hopscotch.

Nine-year-old Chace has developed a special relationship with his pony, Hopscotch, and it was hard for him while he couldn’t ride.

“It’s fun and it also relieves all the stress that’s been on my mind. Every Wednesday I can release it all here because it really relaxes me and it makes me come home good,” he said.

“I love it here, it’s my favourite thing at school.”

The community quickly rallied around the group with new helmets received on Tuesday and new halters on their way allowing the children to get back on the horse.

“We’ve seen the worst in people but we’ve also seen the best in people,” Ms Adamson said.

The group is still missing quite a bit of equipment and welcomes any further donations of lunging equipment to help recoup their losses.

RDA Seymour also welcomes any volunteers who would like to help the group on Wednesdays and Thursdays – no horse experience is necessary.

To help RDA Seymour, contact secretary Sally Wilson on 0412 075 774 or email