Vandals damage greens

Kilmore Golf Club members and police inspect the damage to the fourth green.

By Jackson Russell

Kilmore Golf Club was struck by vandals on Sunday night with vehicle damage to the club’s fourth and fifth greens.

The damage created deep ruts in the greens which club members say will take months to repair.

The club is set to host on of its biggest tournaments of the year next Thursday.
Kilmore Golf Club president Bea Lay struggled to put her disappointment into words.

“I’m pretty disappointed that people feel they need to come in, onto our property, and do this damage for no reason. It’s totally mindless,” she said.

“I feel like we take one step forward and two steps back.

“It’s just on and on all the time, we have damage done, pins taken out and stabbed into the greens, people throwing them away and we find them in dams and up trees.

“It gets a bit wearing after a while.”

Former club captain Jim Ioannidis said volunteers tend to the course for at least seven hours every day.

“The green won’t be back in service for a couple of months. We’ve got to resew it, sand it and the weather’s changing now so we’re hoping it grows,” he said.

“We’re volunteers, the only thing it’ll cost us is in material but the seed is dear. It’s $400-500 for a five kilogram bag.

“We’ll have to see how much we can seed, cover this up and move the pin to another space. That’s about all you can do.”

Leading Senior Constable Jason Turner said police were investigating.

“We’re treating it as an act of vandalism and urging the community to come forward if they’ve heard anything,” he said.