Assumption college overseas trips on hold

By Evelyn Leckie

ASSUMPTION College have cancelled their Italian study tour and a staff trip to Timor Leste as a precautionary measure to the coronavirus outbreak.

Government health officials have advised anyone who has travelled to mainland China, Iran and South Korea in the past fortnight or has been in close contact with someone who has Covid-19, should stay at home and avoid public places for 14 days.

Travellers returning from Italy will face advanced screening at check-in and when they land in Australia.

The college’s Italy trip was due to leave this week and the staff trip to Timor Leste was planned for the Easter holidays.

Principal Kate Fogarty said no Assumption students had been caught up in the travel bans or travel exemptions.

“We have had some families self-isolate their children for a period after a family member had returned from overseas,” Ms Fogarty said.

“Testing was undertaken and the ‘all clear’ given. We’re deeply appreciative that our families acted so proactively and kept the college in the loop as information became available to them.”

Ms Fogarty said the school had promoted hand-hygiene, safe coughing or sneezing practices.

“There is much planning occurring for the continuity of learning and teaching, should the college, or elements of the college, need to be closed down for a period,” she said.

“Our online learning management system, coupled with the Google Learning suite and our Webex conferencing systems stand us in good stead for supporting our students should the college need to close or reduce access for a time.

“The wellbeing team are also planning for how to support students in their isolation should that occur.

“As would be expected, virus’ tend to move quickly in the boarding community, so that is where significant emphasis in our plans for quarantine and evacuation have been centred.”