By Evelyn Leckie

RAISED intersections may be more of a safety concern than their intended purpose, with Member for Northern Metropolitan Region Craig Ondarchie asking Minister for Transport Jacinta Allan to rule out more speed humps in Mill Park.

Raised intersections are also known as safety speed humps which encourage vehicles to slow down as they approach high-risk intersections.

But the raised intersections cause concern for some drivers, who are not always aware of the sudden speed bump.

They are also causing issues for emergency vehicles and cars towing heavy trailers.

Mr Ondarchie expressed concerns in Parliament in July last year, citing multiple adverse accidents occurring in his electorate.

“On Dalton Road – as a driver was towing a boat over the raised intersection, the trailer became unhinged and went through the back of the driver’s ute as he attempted to stop,” Mr Ondarchie said in Parliament last year.

“Emergency service vehicles have almost crashed going over these intersections.

“CFA members have told me when they hit these intersections their equipment goes everywhere – there’s no warning.”

Mr Ondarchie said he conducted a survey in Mill Park, and found residents were frustrated with the raised intersections on Dalton Road.

In October, the Liberal member called for the State Government to rule out the unpopular intersections from the Childs Road upgrades in Mill Park.

Ms Allan said the detailed design for the Childs Road upgrade was yet to be carried out.

“During the design development process, appropriate safety treatments such as raised safety platforms may be considered,” Ms Allan said.

Ms Allan said raised intersections were currently an accepted road safety treatment.

But Mr Ondarchie disagreed, saying Labor was taking his community for granted.

“I live locally, and I experience their traffic frustrations daily,” he said.

“I am disappointed in the Minister and her failure to rule out these raised intersections. She should come and see for herself.”


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