Luellah, of Wallan, with her lemonade stand to raise money for the Starlight Foundation and Save the Children.

Wallan four-year-old Luellah’s school holiday lemonade stand raised money for Starlight Foundation and Save the Children.

She was able to personally deliver the money she raised to Starlight Foundation as well as shake the hands of the Starlight captains.

“She’d been asking us for over a year to set up a lemonade stand,” mother Fetu Thompson said.

“After winter passed, we built it in two days.

“We went to IKEA, Bunnings and then shopped for all the ingredients.”

Luellah said she wanted her earnings to go towards a children’s charity, so she donated most of the money to Starlight Foundation and Save the Children.

“It was a great way for her to be involved in the whole process,” Ms Thompson said.

“She was involved in every step from making lemonade, helping to take the money that she raised to the bank and drawing the cheque to pouring, serving, and selling to her customers.”

Family from Melbourne, neighbours and children from the Creating Futures Kindergarten all supported the project and nearly $100 was raised.

“She’s planning to do an ice-cream stand next,” Ms Thompson said.