Police raided two houses at Waterford Park, Clonbinane, last week and found cannabis plants and associated growing equipment.

POLICE found cannabis at two addresses in Waterford Park, Clonbinane, on Wednesday resulting in two arrests.

Sgt Bob Derrett, of Seymour Divisional Unit, said several plants, lamps and transformers were seized from a house in Elizabeth Court.

“An illegal electricity bypass was also found at the address,” Sgt Derrett said.

A Wallan man, 56, was arrested at the adress and a second man, a 61-year-old from Cranbourne South, was also arrested at a separate nearby address.

Both men were charged with offences relating to cultivating a narcotic plant and theft of power.

“The electrical power bypass was a conern as it presented a severe fire risk, especially with the hot weather approaching,” Sgt Derrett said.

“The premises was made safe by the power company prior to being cleared,”

Both men have been remanded to appear at Melbourne Magistrates Court on April 21, 2020.