Former Kilmore Fire Brigade captain David Williams will be inspecting farm fire units in Kilmore East on Sunday as fire season begins.

By Jackson Russell

Farmers and property owners who want to help CFA firefighters to protect their properties this summer are being invited to prepare for fire season with a field day in Kilmore East on Sunday.

BlazeAid founder Kevin Butler is hosting farm fire units to be inspected and put through their paces by Kilmore Fire Brigade in preparation for what was expected to be a dangerous fire season.

Former Kilmore Fire Brigade captain David Williams will be inspecting farm fire units, making sure they’re safe to use and offering advice before property owners go through a training exercise.

Mr Butler said the day was about gathering volunteer support for fire brigades and networking with other fire units.

“It’s a good chance to network because if you do go to a fire, you shouldn’t go alone, you should go with another farm firefighting unit,” he said.

“You can’t expect the CFA to be at every fire so we need volunteers to help support the CFA with their own tankers and fire units if they can.

“The great thing about these farm fire units, they can go around and put out the low level stuff and it doesn’t tie up the fire trucks so they can go on to the heavy stuff where they’re really needed.”

Everyone who brings their farm fire unit for inspection and exercises will also share in $4000 of funding to purchase fire prevention equipment from Alpha Power Equipment.

Attendees should bring their farm fire unit and all personal protection equipment such as masks, gloves and overalls as if they’re attending a real fire, as well as their own collapsible chair, water bottle and hat.

Everyone is welcome to attend, whether they have a farm fire unit or not.

Mr Butler said it was lovely to work with CFA volunteers.

“They all do a sterling job and that’s what makes Australia tick is the volunteers,” he said.

To register or for more information, contact Mr Butler on 0418 530 471 or add him on Facebook.