By Evelyn Leckie

ARTISTS in Whittlesea are responding to the threat of climate change by exhibiting artworks demonstrating the detrimental impact of global warming.

The exhibition titled ‘SOS’ demonstrates more than 160 artworks by artists of all ages, abilities and cultural backgrounds.

Artists Catherine Blakey and Lee McGill exhibited their works and welcomed visitors at the opening event at City of Whittlesea offices.

Ms McGill said the theme was appropriate, particularly with events focusing on climate change occurring in the news.

“It shows the emergency state that we’re in,” Ms McGill said.

“Art really opens people’s eyes to what is around them, what the messages are, rather than politics or advertising.  When people look at art, they connect with what the artist wants to say.”

Ms Blakey said the exhibition was another opportunity for people to show their climate change awareness.

“I’m a passionate tree lover and gardener – I’ve exhibited handmade paper bowls, inside them are names of Australian gardening books,” she said.

“The idea is it’s a leaf out of everyone’s book, but if people read what’s inside the bowls – they’ll understand everyone can do something about maintaining Australian plants.

“They’ve been wiped out by land clearing, fires and disease – my message is save our species.

Catherine Blakey’s art piece

“It’s not a subject that people can easily walk away from. The reason for art is to get a reaction. I think visitors will certainly have a reaction to this exhibition because it’s so relevant.”

The exhibition is on until December 18 at the City of Whittlesea offices, admission is free.Guided gallery tours are available for groups by appointment. Morning tea will be provided for groups booked two days ahead.

Call 9217 2174 to book or email