Food truck proposal knocked back

By Evelyn Leckie

A PLANNING permit to transform a disused warehouse on Sydney Street in Kilmore into a gourmet food truck park was knocked back by Mitchell Shire Council due to concerns over demolishing a heritage-listed building, parking issues and waste collection.

A planning permit application was lodged to council, with plans to redevelop part of the warehouse building at 37 Sydney Street to house up to 12 food trucks – serving a variety of international cuisines and providing indoor and outdoor seating as well as a children’s play area.

Developer Alan Wilson said the idea was to bring the community together and was inspired by the Welcome to Thornbury venue in Melbourne’s inner north.

At last week’s council meeting, councillors unanimously agreed the proposal didn’t represent orderly planning and the proposed reduction of car parking and waste management would result in detrimental impacts on the surrounding area.

“It doesn’t fit the bill from a car parking perspective and it’s smack bang in the middle of a heritage area,” Cr Rob Eldridge said.

Councillors were also concerned about the proposed sale and consumption of liquor on the premises.

“It’s not the look we want for our kids to hang around at the back of vans drinking,” Cr Bob Humm said.

Councillors also agreed the proposal did not respect the heritage significance of the site, particularly in relation to demolishing a historic bluestone building next to the warehouse in order to connect Sydney and Melbourne streets.

“The applicant didn’t give a reason why he needed to demolish the building, you don’t have to demolish the building to get access,” Cr Fiona Stevens said.

A total of 17 objections were received by the council, with noise, smell, reduced parking options and the plan not keeping within the character of the town being the main concerns.

The developer declined to comment.