By Steph McNicol

A medallion from the South African Boer War in 1900-1902 found in far north Queensland has returned to its home in Broadford.

Barbara Kendall’s late husband purchased the medal from a pawn shop 40 years ago, and she now wanted to return the medal to the family of its owner.

Ms Kendall contacted Broadford Secondary College in search of the owner’s descendants – an email which was passed on to Des Callaghan, of the Broadford RSL.

“I got an email from the principal at Broadford Secondary, David Mills, and he asked me to follow up the email from a lady in North Queensland,” Mr Callaghan said.

“She wanted to know if David knew of someone she could talk to about a medallion from the Boer War, which originated from Broadford.

“Her husband purchased it in a pawn shop 40 years ago and he since has passed on. She wanted to get the medallion back to Broadford.”

Mr Callaghan said the medallion would be on display for the public at Broadford RSL.

“We’re going to display it and put a plaque of where it came from. We’ll put in a proper mount and put it in the Broadford RSL,” he said.

Mr Callaghan said the plaque would read: ‘Bequeathed by the late David Kendall through his widow Barbara, to the Broadford RSL, in perpetuity, so the people of Broadford may forever be reminded of their generosity to their brave young man, dated 12 October 2019’.

He said the journey of the medallion from Broadford to Queensland remained a mystery.

“You wonder how it’d get up there wouldn’t you? This guy that owned it, was he broke? Trying to get some money for it?” he said.

Mr Callaghan said he wanted to speak to students at Broadford Secondary College to educate them about the Boer War and the importance of the medallion.

“I want to show the medallion to the kids at the Broadford school. I’ll do some research about the Boer War, what happened there and why it happened,” he said.