Wandong Primary School principal Kelly Morrow, centre, with vice-captain Nikayla Harrison, captains Xander Fearn and Aurora Sheehy and vice-captain Blake Henderson. ​

Wandong Primary School came into the new school term with a new addition, as principal Kelly Morrow took the helm.

Ms Morrow succeeds former acting principal David Warren and former principal Rhonda Cole, who was promoted to a regional leadership position in 2018.

Ms Morrow has lived in Sunday Creek for 16 years and has always looked at Wandong Primary School as her ideal school.

After seven years at Rosanna Golf Links Primary School, including guiding the school through a massive $6 million capital works project, Ms Morrow said she had a heartfelt desire to give back to the community.

“As much as I loved my community where I was, the teams I’d established and the kids and families I’d made connections with, the notion of giving back to my community and growing what I feel is my community was something that I’ve always wanted to do,” she said.

“The culture that’s already established here is amazing and the connection between staff and families has already been uncanny, everyone knows everyone which is beautiful.”

Ms Morrow said she was passionate about building leaders and capacity in her students.

“I have a passion for growing kids, establishing an inclusive environment, capitalising on kids’ strengths and bringing a real collegiality and collective efficacy to our staff to grow all of our kids,” she said.

Ms Morrow said part of a planned school review next year was capitalising on the established parent community.

“We know there are strong links between student achievement and parent involvement and research indicates that we get better student learning outcomes when parents are involved in school and have close relationships and involvement with the school,” she said.

“I’ve always worked in an education setting where we’ve had strong and engaged parents and for that we got improved student learning outcomes so that link’s key for me.

“I chose this school because of the students and community and staff that we have and it’s second to none in this area. It’s truly unique and special.

“I’m passionate about being here and making a difference for our kids and families.”