By Jackson Russell

Kilmore Art Society is putting its work on show at its annual spring art exhibition on Saturday.

It’s the first exhibition since the society moved to its new home upstairs at Oddfellows Café on Sydney Street.

Since moving to Oddfellows, the society has welcomed 20 new members and they’ll be competing for the best new artist award, as well as best in show, ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ for best use of blue, ‘Framed’ for best frame and ‘The Eyes Have It’ for the best painting of eyes.

People who attend the exhibition, from 10am to 2pm, will also be able to vote on the people’s choice award.

Entry is by gold coin donation, with all proceeds going to Kilmore Fire Brigade.

Kilmore Art Society president Jeannette Jain said it was exciting for the society’s artists to put their work on display.

“Everything in the show is from our artists at the Kilmore Art Society. It’s good and it keeps us on our toes as well because we have to keep thinking of new things to do,” she said.

“At first, for new artists, it’s challenging to have your art on display. But once you start showing your art, you relax and once you start selling, it’s great fun and really good therapy as well.

“The community really enjoys our shows. A lot of people don’t even know this space is here and a lot of passers-by come up and check it out which is good.

“The reaction from the community is very positive. They like to see something’s being done, the space is being used, and the old building is being used in a positive way for the community.”

Kilmore Art Society’s gallery at Oddfellows Café is open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 2pm and members meet every Monday to paint and catch up.

Ms Jain said everybody was welcome to join in on the society’s get-togethers.

“On Saturday, November 16 we’ll be having a colour splash event. We’ll set up tables and different ones will demonstrate different techniques such as watercolour, brush art, photography, pencil and collagraph, which is very new for us,” she said.

“We try to get newer types of art into the space so that it makes it more interesting for people coming up. We try to let people relax with what’s available here and just join in as well.

“It’s also good for the community. Everybody is most welcome and can join in on a few things if they can.”