A historical treasure of Kilmore was given a makeover by Kilmore Historical Society earlier this month.

Kilmore Historical Society member Rose King said the rejuvenation of the post box was important for Kilmore’s identity.

“It’s an old heritage post box, installed around 1890, and if you think about regional towns like Kilmore, it is important for their social and economic survival to have branding,” Ms King said.

“A major component of our branding is the history of Kilmore; it is Victoria’s oldest, inland, settled town, and the buildings.

“It is important to keep our entire heritage looking good so we can retain our core heritage values and those things that give our town its identity.”

Kilmore Historical Society undertook the project after consulting Australia Post and repainting it.

“The post box has been painted and it looks lovely. It didn’t have the gold trimming before which makes it look beautiful,” Ms King said.