PARKING restrictions during pick-up time outside Beveridge Primary School are causing headaches for parents who don’t want their young children crossing Lithgow Street without supervision.

Mitchell Shire Council set up no standing signs over a year ago on Lithgow Street, causing parents to either wait for their children on congested Arrowsmith Street, or park across the road at Beveridge Community Centre car park where school students walk over to meet them.

Father of young children Daniel Taylor said parents were risking fines in order to keep their children safe.

“Some parents have received four or five fines each,” Mr Taylor said.

Mr Taylor said the school had to work around council signs, meaning two teachers walk 40 to 50 students across Lithgow St to meet their parents at the community centre carpark.

“The crossing is on a crest – it’s dangerous when you approach the area where the students cross,” Mr Taylor said.

“There’s gravel footpath, no school crossing, no lollipop people to help the students walk across, except for two teachers at the end of the day that walk 40 or 50 students across.”

The Wallan father said he received a fine on a rainy day waiting for his children.

“When I appealed the fine I got explaining safety concerns, council sent back a generic response not addressing the problems and parking issues for families,” he said.

“They just want you to pay your fine and not look at the bigger picture of not being able to park anywhere appropriate.”

Mr Taylor said the area was not coping with the population boom and council’s lack of action to improve roads and parking.

“It feels like revenue raising,” he said.

In a statement, Mitchell Shire Council said it took its responsibility to ensure the safety of road users and pedestrians seriously.

Mitchell Shire Mayor Bill Chisholm said the zones were put in place to minimise congestion, provide clear routes and manage pedestrian traffic movements.

“Lithgow Street, Beveridge, can become gridlocked with traffic and this is a road safety concern,” he said.

“The crest along Lithgow Street also makes it difficult for drivers to see oncoming traffic from the east.

“Council will continue to work with community members, schools and parents to ensure people are safe whether they are driving or walking.”

Cr Chisholm said people could contact the council on 5734 6200 to discuss their concerns.