Bike track bid


Kilmore’s Monument Hill and Green’s Pinch Reserve could become home to mountain bike tracks.

Mitchell Shire Council is investigating the feasibility of creating mountain bike tracks through both reserves.

Monument Hill is located on the eastern fringe of Kilmore, behind the race course and cricket oval, while Green’s Pinch Reserve is to the north of Kilmore, alongside Kilmore-Broadford Road.

Cr Annie Goble moved a notice of motion at last week’s council meeting to investigate the suitability of Green’s Pinch Reserve being used and marketed for mountain bike riding.

Cr Goble asked for a report to be provided to council outlining options and restrictions of the site for mountain biking and a recommendation to progress the project, including costings and timeframes.

“Green’s Pinch Reserve is underutilised and there is a need for areas for mountain bike riding that are marketed as such. This site may have the potential to address this need,” Cr Goble said.

However, the motion was deferred as council is drafting a report regarding the feasibility of mountain bike riding within the Monument Hill precinct.

Community members are finalising a proposal for a mountain bike facility at Monument Hill Reserve.

Wheel House Bikes owner Sam Cummins, one of the organisers of the proposal, said Mitchell Shire lacked mountain bike facilities.

“Mitchell Shire is one of probably only a handful of shires that doesn’t have mountain bike facilities, yet the terrain is perfect because it’s where all the hills are,” he said.

“In an ideal world, it would be good up there at Monument Hill but there are some spots with engendered species we have to worry about.

“It’s a 200-acre bush reserve so there should be room to squeeze us in. Our stuff won’t really have a negative environmental impact, it’ll just draw people to the bush to do things in a positive way.”

Mr Cummins said he had discussions with Kilmore Cricket Club and Kilmore Racing about sharing facilities if they wanted to hold events.

“The clubs have offered to help us out if we want to run events. The racing club has offered to help run an event half on the racecourse and half on the track,” he said.

While Monument Hill is the primary target, Green’s Pinch is also a good option for mountain bike enthusiasts.

“We’re not going to knock any option back and it’s got great elevation, it’s very steep but it would be more costly because you would need to put in shade and toilet facilities whereas there’s already sporting facilities near Monument Hill,” Mr Cummins said.

Cr Goble said she fully supported deferring the notice of motion.

“There seems to be a desperate need in Kilmore for youth to ride mountain bikes,” she said.

“I raised this area because it’s wasted for recreation. It makes sense that if there is an investigation into Monument Hill in progress, we wait for the results before we discuss Greens Pinch Reserve.”


  1. What a fantastic idea. Many of the local kids, including my own, love to mountain bike on Monument hill and the surrounding area. Putting in tracks will not only make it safer for the riders, but will also protect the inner vegetation as riders will stick to it, rather then try and create new ones.

  2. I think it’s about time something was done to that area ,it will give the youth of today somewhere to ride , keep them off the streets, plus a couple of seats along the track would be a good idea too , I’m all for it

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