Wallan sharp-shooter kicks 21 goals


By Jackson Russell

A 21-goal haul by Matt Perri was a catalyst in Wallan’s demolition of cellar dweller Rockbank on Saturday.

Playing at home, the Magpies smashed the Rams by 355 points.

Perri had the game of his life, kicking 21 goals for the day from just 23 shots.

He now leads the RDFNL’s goalkicking by 13 with 65 goals to his name.

Wallan assistant coach Spencer Mathieson said the Magpies went in wanting to back up last week’s upset over Romsey.

“We were after a good start which we got and we continued to build on what we did in the first term after that,” he said.

Besides Perri’s monstrous performance, Wallan’s best were Jarryd Bonello, Chris Barton, Sean Morris, Ricky Schraven and Danny O’Sullivan.

The Magpies went in hard early with a 10-goal first term and continued to put their foot down harder in the second term, kicking 19 goals to lead by 164 points at half-time.

Another 14 goals in the third term saw the Magpies’s lead balloon out to 254 points at three-quarter time.

Knowing they could gain a valuable percentage boost, Wallan continued to push in the final term piling on another 17 goals.

All but four of the Magpies’ selected 22 made the scoresheet in an absolute rout.

Wallan are now third on the Riddell District Football Netball League senior ladder, ahead of Macedon but behind Riddell on percentage, and a game back from Romsey.

The Magpies’ reserves also had an easy win over Rockbank in Matt Bell’s 400th game, crushing the Rams 37.21 (243) to 0.0 (0) while two late goals guided the under 19s to an important fifth-straight win over Rupertswood.

The Magpies play at home this week to host Melton Centrals.

Wallan 60.18 (378) def Rockbank 3.5 (23)

Goals: M. Perri 21, S. Morris 6, J. Barber 6, J. Layley 4, M. Mannix 3, J. Bonello 3, S. Stewart 3, N. Fowler 3, C. Grindlay 2, W. Brock, P. Mahoney, C. Barton, R. Schraven, D. O’Sullivan, A. Saladino, C. Hamilton, C. Baker, C. Nickson.
Best: M. Perri, S. Morris, C. Barton, J. Bonello, S. Stewart, B. Cox.

Goals: L. Roberts, M. Parviainen, J. Baumgartner.
Best: J. Baumgartner, M. Baumgartner, J. Mallia, T. Mainey, B. Williams, L. Roberts.