Lancefield resident Sarah Mounsey is a finalist in the Victorian State Photography Awards for her pet photography.

Ever since she was a child Ms Mounsey has always loved horses and photography, so for her it was a natural progression of her talent.

“I’ve always been involved in the horse industry and took photos as an amateur. Two years ago I decided to drop everything and get into professional photography,” she said.

Lancefield resident Sarah Mounsey is a finalist at the Victorian State Photography Awards as a pet photographer.

“I’ve been lucky enough to travel around Australia taking photographs of people with their horses. It’s been absolutely amazing and I’ve had a lot of success in the past couple of years.”

Of all the photographs she’s taken, her favourites were shots of women on their wedding day with their horse.

“They were dressed in their lovely wedding dresses,” she said.

“With all my images I aim to represent the true personality of each horse, and the part they play in their owners’ lives. It’s important to create art that is cherished and a true representative not just a pretty picture.

“I just love meeting owners and hearing their stories, I happily travel Australia wide as there are so many amazing differences from the city, to the far outback. There are so many stories still to be told.” 

Pet photographer Sarah Mounsey said her favourite shoots are with women on the wedding day alongside their horse.

Sarah is raising funds for drought-affected farmers alongside Rural-Aid through a coffee table book project photographing horses from across Australia and their individual and heartfelt stories.

Sarah has a photography studio in Lancefield which also captures family memories as well as private photography classes for children and teens interested in photography.