Bunnings approved for Seymour

By Jackson Russell

One of the country’s biggest hardware retailers Bunnings Warehouse will build a new store in Seymour.

Mitchell Shire Council has received a planning permit application for Bunnings Warehouse’s new site at 63 Anzac Avenue, Seymour.

The planning permit covers the use and development of land, alteration of access to a road zone, reduction of bicycle parking requirements and display of signs.

The permit was passed by council with a vote of six to three. Councillors Fiona Stevens, Annie Goble and Bob Humm voted against the development, raising concerns about traffic issues.

Cr Stevens said council listened to the community and it was heartbreaking to hear valid concerns but couldn’t do anything about it.

“It was put before us and, as locals, we’re aware of the environment. A traffic report was provided by Bunnings with certain traffic paths and sweeps, as in how they’re going to manoeuvre around the site,” she said.

“I’m concerned about the sweep paths because of some vehicles moving to the middle of the road, and crossing the middle of the road.

“In particular, there’s a very problematic intersection of Anzac Ave, Oak Street and Chittick Place where I believe large vehicles will have difficulty safely manoeuvring.

“That particular intersection is where people cross to go to certain shops, schools, so there’s a lot of pedestrian activity and council’s flagged this intersection for further investigation already before you introduce the Bunnings truck component.

“I see that intersection is very complex and don’t believe what was put before me alleviated my safety concerns because of the way they will have to move across the road to make that left-hand turn.”

Cr Stevens’ north ward counterpart, Cr Rhonda Sanderson supported the development and said there had been a little bit of controversy every time a major retailer came into Seymour.

“We have to think of what the net community benefit is. There are a lot of funds that go out of town and we want to keep them in Seymour,” she said.

Cr David Atkinson said he spent a lot of time deliberating the development.

“The net community benefit is what we look at and I think there is a benefit to this,” he said.

“We have to lift these towns up and I think Bunnings will do that for Seymour.”

Bunnings director of property Andrew Marks said an independent traffic study was completed as part of the application.

“The traffic strategy has been carefully crafted to facilitate safe vehicle and pedestrian access to and from the proposed store, as reviewed by council,” he said.

“The new Seymour store will represent an investment of over $9 million by Bunnings and will create more than 45 new jobs for local residents.”


  1. Great news bring it on living in… In Alex We Have Yenkens But not a huge range of items As long as though they have people who know what they are doing ..be it timber ,tiles Paint ,Tools corded or un corded ..plants the list goes on Well done SEYMOUR

  2. Surely the three Councillors cannot be that narrow minded. Since when did Mitchell Shire Council ever give a hoot about Oak Street before? When people from Broadford, Nagambie, Yea, Alexandra and so on travel into Seymour to buy at Bunnings, they will also be likey to stop off and shop in other parts of the town as well as likely stop at either a pub or at a local eatery. The spin offs for other local business will be fantastic. Normally where there is a Bunnings, new housing estates often follow. This could be the making of Seymour for the next ten years.

  3. The “net community benefit” will be all competing local businesses closing down and the money spent at Bunnings going to Wesfarmers’ shareholders. Narrow-minded decision.

    • The current rip off rogues like
      (Thrifty-Link) (Reece) (Middy’s) all need to go fast
      Best news for Seymour in over 30 Years
      Bring it on and for anymone that doesnt like it
      Get out of Seymour move to broadmeadows.

  4. I think this is the start of Seymour starting to expand it seems a percentage of the councillors are very negative look at the big picture please let Seymour grow

  5. What about the fact there will be more jobs and more business for the town I thought the councilors would be happy to have another large retailer in town, are they trying to make us a ghost town.

  6. Where do I sign up for employment ,I currently work in dandy on their other side of the city and live in Seymour sick of traveling I leave here at ten to four in the morning and don’t get home till six most nights ,about myself I’m a hard worker always been employed builder by trade currently work with aluminum making commercial and domestic windows would love to get employment close to home so if someone read’s this please pass it on finger’s crossed

  7. I think the people that have a problem with bunnings moving into towm have a lntrrest in the other hardware and shops in seymore

  8. Come on Mitchel Shire Council we need a big business in seymour one that is open all weekend I know people who take Their business to Shepparton because of hardware stores close for lunch for 1 hour open only 9 until 12 on weekends.Time to support big business and all the local jobs it will bring .Semi’ drivers having problems haha they drive better than 80% of car drivers do !!!

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