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Left in the dark

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By Evelyn Leckie

SAFETY concerns have been raised by night time drivers entering the Northern Highway and Broadford-Kilmore Road roundabout, as nine major street lamps on the Pyalong entrance have been blown out for months.

Trade business owner and regular truck driver Phil Griggs told the North Central Review that he feels unsafe every morning and night approaching or exiting the roundabout.

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“I come through the roundabout 4.30am every morning and drive back through it at night time,” Mr Griggs said.

“It’s because the roundabout itself is very well lit up, but the curved entrance to get on the roundabout is pitch black – especially on a foggy morning I have to slow right down.

“You’re basically guessing where you’re going.”

Mr Griggs said when the roundabout first opened, all lights were working for the first two to three months – but they’ve been out ever since.

“It’s daunting for the big trucks approaching it – imagine travelling all those miles interstate and then you come up to a brightly lit roundabout with no idea how the entrance is shaped.”

VicRoads said the issue belonged to energy company AusNet Services.

After the North Central Review contacted AusNet Services about the issue, a spokesperson said repairs will begin on July 4.

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