By Evelyn Leckie

CHARLIE Toirkens from Ashely Park Primary School has received a Victorian flag for his school thanks to a letter he sent to Member for Yan Yean Danielle Green.

The year six student was home sick with chicken pox for a few weeks, so principal Kerren Barro offered to set tasks for him to keep busy.

Charlie wrote a formal letter requesting the flag for his school, which Ms Green delivered to him personally when he recovered.

“Our flag masts are still empty so Charlie wrote a lovely letter to Danielle Green, it had no spelling errors or typos at all,” Ms Barro said.

“I was really sick at home for a few weeks, so the principal helped me to stay busy,” Charlie said.

Charlie had a huge grin on his face when he received the flag from Ms Green.

“It was wonderful visiting Ashley Park Primary School and meeting Charlie in person,” Ms Green said.

“I was very impressed with Charlie’s letter and I wanted to thank him for the effort he had made to write to me to request the Victorian flag for his newly built school.”