Wandong’s organic farm

For Holly Kendall, it was no surprise that her love of fresh produce and animals would lead her to owning her own organic farm in the rolling hills of Wandong.

After taking over her small backyard in Reservoir with pots and produce, her and her partner Alex knew they needed a larger space for their four large dogs, animals and food.

Holly Kendall started up her family-run organic farm in Wandong after noticing a shortage of organic produce in the region.

“When we bought this place two years ago, I couldn’t help myself and just started planting. I was working in retail at the time, but after noticing the lack of access to organic produce in the region I decided to start selling,” she said.

Now the couple specialise in growing more than 100 varieties of seasonal and nutritious fruit and vegetables on their five acre property for customers to pick up or have delivered.

“I have been delivering, but I love having people come to the farm where they can see everything grow. Kids love seeing our baby goats here, along with our guineafowl, sheep, chickens and other animals on our farm,” she said.

“We run a community supported agriculture (CSA) farm where members can receive a weekly share of 8-12 organic and biodynamically grown fruit, vegetables and herbs, depending on what’s in season.

Holly feeds her 70 chickens and roosters in front of her caravan turned chicken coop on the farm in Wandong.

“We also have a regenerative food system that prevents soil and waterways pollution.”

When Holly was younger, she did a lot of research on the benefits of organic produce due to several allergies.

“I naturally gravitated towards organics and I felt so much better,” she said.

The change in diet prompted her to also gain qualifications in nutritional therapy, personal training, meditation, organic growing and complementary medicine and naturopathy.

“You know organic fresh produce is not imported, so it hasn’t been sitting there for weeks on end,” she said.

“The more people read about things that are going wrong with their health and cancer, the more enlightened they become to naturally-grown produce.”

For more information on Holly Kendall’s Organics visit via Facebook @hollykendallsorganics or at www.hollykendallsorganics.com.au.