Roadside birth in Doreen


By Evelyn Leckie

WHEN First Constable Alana Olivieri noticed a car abruptly pulling over on Yan Yean Road in Doreen, she didn’t expect the events that followed.

Const Olivieri, based at Whittlesea police station, was driving to work on Saturday May 11 when she noticed a car quickly pulling over outside Yarrambat Golf Course and a man sprinting to the passenger side.

Her first thoughts were that a child may be choking, but on closer inspection – it was an expectant mother going into labour.

Kyle and Melissa Sherwood were on their way to Mercy Hospital to deliver their second child when their baby arrived earlier than expected.

“We didn’t really get far around the corner until I told him to pull over because the baby was coming,” Ms Sherwood said.

“I was thinking maybe it was the waters and the ambulance would come, but the waters broke all over me and the car, and literally the second the waters broke, the head followed,” Mr Sherwood said.

Mr Sherwood delivered his son baby Charles ‘Charlie’ Arthur Sherwood five minutes after pulling over, with the help of a triple zero call taker, a passer-by and Const Olivieri.

“I was pretty nervous and shaking, when Alana ran up, I was hoping she’d take over, but she calmed me down – I don’t think I’d be able to do it as easily without her saying it was okay,” he said.

“I guided him out and gave him a little pull from underneath his arms and then he was out.”

Const Olivieri said Ms Sherwood really did all the work and she was just there for support.

Ms Sherwood said she was happy her husband delivered the baby, adding it was “something to remember”.

“There’s no chance of having a third because I’m not even going to get out of the house third time around,” Ms Sherwood laughed.

Big brother Henry Sherwood and parents are besotted with the newborn and Mr Sherwood told the North Central Review he was still in complete shock that he delivered his own baby.