Romsey residents are asking drivers to slow down on rural roads after a goose was run over and killed earlier this month.

Similar to the infamous Riddells Creek geese, a gaggle of feathered animals have nested close to Moffats Lane and Knox Road in Romsey, delighting residents.

Nearby where the goose died is two dead kangaroos that suffered a similar fate.

Moffats Lane resident Patrick Francis – who runs a holistic livestock farm – said he had worked hard to attract animals to the area and was part of the Land for Wildlife program.

“A lot of us have done a lot of work to introduce wildlife back into the region. Our family has owned this farm since 1953 and the first kangaroo I saw was in 2000 after the tree and shrub corridors were planted.” Mr Francis said.

“In 1986 we started planting about 10,000 trees and many neighbours have devoted themselves to conservation and wildlife since then.

“People don’t see the blue tongue lizards that are also squashed on the road along with the native birds.”

Mr Francis and another neighbour Alex – who did not want his surname published – said speed limits should be reduced along the road.

“Knox Road is 80km/h. I sent a note to council (last week) to reduce it to 60km/h for the wildlife living in the area,” Alex said.

“When the goose died, my friends kids made a cross and buried the goose – people really need to be more careful.

Mr Francis said he was trying to raise awareness about speed on narrow roads through rural areas.

“We haven’t really adopted road speeds to suit the change in farming practices that have promoted wildlife populations over the last 30 years,” he said.

“We need drivers to take a responsible attitude who perhaps didn’t realise that speed is an issue.

“They can make a difference by slowing down and talking to their friends and family about it. These animals are part of our environment.”

Macedon Ranges Shire Council said it did not want to comment as it was a VicRoads’ responsibility.

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