Kilmore’s record-breaking Good Friday Appeal

The Virtual Tin Shake will raise money for the Good Friday Appeal.

Victorian’s banded together on Friday and raised a record-breaking total of $18,175,467 for The Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal.

Communities across the state shook tins, door knocked, organised fundraisers and auctions to help support children in need.

Six-year-old Isabelle Costantini raised the most money in Kilmore’s door knock for the Good Friday Appeal collecting $724.80.

Throughout the Mitchell Shire, Wallan raised $14,384, Seymour $29,538, Broadford $6,046, Wandong $6902, Pyalong $2254, and Kilmore with its own record of $16,974.

Good Friday Appeal area manager for Kilmore and CFA volunteer Dee Quinn said there was a wonderful atmosphere in Kilmore on the day.

“Many adults and children walked alongside the firetrucks for the door knocks – I think there were about 60 tins being used for collection on the day,” Ms Quinn said.

“It’s great getting the kids out into the community and they were all aware of why they were raising the money.

“Our highest money-raiser was six-year-old Isabelle Costantini who collected $724.80 by herself. She received a big chocolate hamper for her work.”

Isabelle said she loved riding in the trucks and helping out the children.

“I knocked on the doors and asked if people wanted to donate to the Good Friday Appeal,” Isabelle said.

“I got to ride on the pumper truck and sit on the front of the bus.”

Isabelle’s mother Gemma Constantini said there was a great response from people answering the door.

“A lot of residents told us that they had saved for the year. One lady had collected a bag of $70 in coins for us,” Ms Constantini said.

Many of the residents donating shared their experiences with the Royal Children’s Hospital.

“So many spoke about when they were a kid and how the hospital saved their lives or that their child is now being treated,” Ms Quinn said.

“A family from Bundoora have been coming with us since 2013 – their eldest son is constantly being treated at the hospital.

“Some people would pull up at the station crying and tell stories of how the hospital had saved their child’s life – it’s so wonderful to meet these people.”

Ms Quinn said she received great support when organising the event.

“The CFA members were fantastic, especially Anthony Archer who had managed it previously for 17 years,” she said.

“Trent Jones was in charge of logistics and organised where all of trucks went. It was a great day.”