Water restrictions for Kilmore and Wandong

Kilmore, Wandong and Heathcote Junction will be on stage two water restrictions from Thursday until further notice.

Goulburn Valley Water made the decision following months of dry and warm conditions.

Storages in the Sunday Creek system, which supplies Kilmore, Wandong and Heathcote Junction, are at about 10 per cent and demand continues to be high due to warm autumn weather.

The water authority says critical works to ensure continuity of supply and combat low system inflows have been underway in the past two months, including an agreement to source some water from Yarra Valley Water and pumping water from Broadford.

Leak detection investigation is also occurring across the network, with residents also encouraged to report any potential leaks.

The water authority’s service delivery general manager Daniel Flanagan said while a number of measures had already been implemented under drought response plans to avoid introducing restrictions during summer, continuing dry conditions and low storage levels meant restrictions were now required.

“We need residents to take action to save water now – stage two restrictions means people shouldn’t be using water outside unless absolutely necessary,” Mr Flanagan said.

“We encourage residents to also take that extra step and think about how they can reduce water consumption elsewhere – take shorter showers, use the half-flush on the toilet and turn off the tap while you’re brushing your teeth.

“We’re actively monitoring storage levels, demand and forecast rainfall – if demand remains high and there is minimal rainfall and inflows into our storages, we may need to increase the restrictions.”

Key stage two restrictions include:

-Residential, commercial or public lawn areas cannot be watered at any time -Residential, commercial or public gardens must only be watered as required and only with a handheld hose, bucket or watering can at any time, or with a watering system on alternate days between 6-8am or 6-8pm.

Water cannot generally be used to fill or top up fountains, water features, ponds or lakes, or a new or existing pool or spa.

Cars cannot be washed except by using a pressure washer, handheld hose or bucket or at a commercial car wash.

The region experienced one of the warmest summers on record, and climate outlooks from the Bureau of Meteorology indicate that days and nights are likely to be warmer than average from April to June.

Customers can visit Goulburn Valley Water’s website for more information on the full restrictions and for tips on saving water around the home.

Goulburn Valley Water uses text messaging to inform customers of service interruptions, emergencies and other information. To register your phone number to receive notifications, call our 24-hour Customer Service Centre on 1800 454 500.