Water shortage hits


By Jackson Russell

KILMORE, Wandong and Heathcote Junction residents are being urged to conserve water, with the Sunday Creek reservoir at 18 per cent capacity.

On the back of a hot summer, a warm start to autumn has resulted in higher water usage and continuing low inflows into the system, meaning storage levels have dropped significantly.

Kilmore, Wandong and Heathcote Junction are supplied by Kilmore Water Treatment Plant, which sources raw water from Sunday Creek and the nearby Hollowback Dam.

Goulburn Valley Water service delivery general manager Daniel Flanagan said the water authority’s modelling for Sunday Creek and Hollowback reservoirs suggested it might consider introducing water restrictions or options to supplement the water supply.

“We are sourcing water from the Goulburn River to supplement supply and we believe that encouraging people to follow the Permanent Water Saving Rules and encouraging water wise habits can reduce system demand in the short term while we monitor the capacity of the storages and how they respond to future inflows and demand predictions,” he said.

“We are continually assessing the situation and will work with the community if restrictions are required.”

The Broadford Water Treatment Plant, which also supplies Waterford Park, is supplied by the Broadford No.3 Reservoir and is at 94 per cent capacity.

Mr Flanagan said residents were being urged to be water wise and reduce their water consumption where possible.

“We’re asking people to take action now to reduce their water usage, to help avoid the introduction of formal water restrictions,” Mr Flanagan said.

“Following the Permanent Water Saving Rules is critical – this can help reduce the demand on the water supply especially if conditions remain dry.

“Think about reducing how often you water your garden, or take a shorter shower – it’s everyone’s responsibility to use water wisely.”

Permanent water saving rules include only using sprinklers after 6pm and before 10am; handheld sprinklers can be used at any time if a trigger nozzle is attached; water should be used to clean hard surfaces.