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Students unite for time trials

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Broadford Secondary College students will participate in a 24-hour time Energy Breakthrough trial this year.

Students are coming together to build two cars that will enter the Energy Breakthrough challenge in Maryborough in November.

Led by their physics teacher Paul Briggs, the students will compete in a two-day race against other schools.

“One of the aspects of the project is that the kids get out there, engage with the community and find support,” Mr Briggs said.

The teams entered in the competition will be scored on different categories, including a presentation on their journey, the energy efficiency of the bikes, how well the students have built them according to the rules and the number of laps completed in 24 hours.

“The energy efficiency aspect of the competition means that we have to look at things like lowering the centre of mass, the pressure the tyres should run at to get grip, but also with the least amount of resistance,” said Mr Briggs.

The event will be in Maryborough, where the town centre is used as the racing circuit for participants.

“They have a fair, an expo and tents. It’s just a huge event,” Mr Briggs said.

The Broadford students attended the competition last year and are hoping to gain the same amount of support.

Mr Briggs said the project was a good way to get all the students involved and to grow the connection between students.

“It’s all about getting students that would never speak to each other to come together,” Mr Briggs said.

He said that he would like to acknowledge the involvement of Cluney Constructions in Clombinane, who had already contributed $800 and were assisting in construction of the bikes that the students were unble to do themselves.

Any businesses that are interested in sponsoring the students can call Broadford Secondary College.

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