Children First Foundation is celebrating its 20th year in operation.

To recognise the milestone, television program Sunrise and Honda teamed up to donate a car to the foundation.

For two decades Children First’s Miracle sMiles program has facilitated life-changing surgery for hundreds of disadvantaged children from developing countries who do not have access to health resources.

The program provides pre-and-post surgical care for children with various conditions including orthopaedic, craniofacial, burns and urology cases.

Miracle sMiles program manager Deb Pickering said she was not expecting such a generous donation.

“The reporter said ‘I just want to get a photo outside on the stairs’. She then said ‘I’ve brought you out on false pretense, Sunrise would like, with Honda’s 50th year, to give you…’ then the car came around!” Ms Pickering said.

“I’m thinking, ‘who’s going to get out of the car?’ But no, it is the car!

“They came here and spoke with all the children that were here, the mums and babies – it was fabulous. It was really overwhelming.”

The foundation made headlines over the past year, with the successful separation surgery of Nima and Dawa, the Bhutanese conjoined twins.

Children First Foundation funded the operation and helped the twins recover at their property in Kilmore East.

The twins returned home to Bhutan last week, something Ms Pickering found quite emotional.

“Their mum starting crying. They are incredibly poor in Bhutan and she appreciated everything we’d done,” Ms Pickering said.

“It’s very quiet here without them now. We’re still a bit emotional, we found some of their washing in the basket that they’d left behind.”

“They became part of our family.”

When the North Central Review arrived on Thursday, Children First Foundation development manager Treaisa Rowe had organised a working bee at the property.

“Most of the work done here is from volunteers. We have people from the area and also corporate volunteers come down for the day to help out,” Ms Rowe said.

“We’re always looking for more people who want to help. People want to do good they just don’t know how to go about it.

“We are doing a working bee once a month so anyone who wants to get involved can contact us.”