LINDA Holt has followed a sustainable living practice for as long as she can remember.

Mrs Holt recalls her Italian grandmother picking an array of fruits and vegetables from her yard to cook with every day.

After meeting her husband in Montana, USA, the two combined their love of sustainability, food and travel and built an organic farm in Romsey named Homestead Enterprises.

Mrs Holt now grows a vast range of rare herbs, fruits and vegetables that she sells to the public.

Some include brahmi, borage, pineapple sage and calendula that are used in her daily cooking.

“People can pick their own fruit and vegetables and see exactly where they are coming from. Nobody else has touched that food like many in the supermarket,” Mrs Holt said.

“We don’t spray or use any chemicals at all. You just wash the dirt off and eat them.”

Her business also offers cheese-making, preserving, sausage and salami and wood-fire smoking workshops, hosted by Mr and Mrs Holt.

“With my cheese class, we do a complete demonstration and its hands on. Everyone takes home their cheese that they make, their workshop notes and I talk them through the steps they have to do when they get home – they can continue learning once they’re outside the classroom,” Mrs Holt said.

Homestead Hill is a Bed and Breakfast/Farmstay where you can learn about sustainable living and learn about the Holt’s American heritage.