A BIG step has been taken towards Lancefield Primary School’s exciting upgrade, with an architect appointed.

Member for Macedon Mary-Anne Thomas announced on Friday that Y2 Architecture was appointed to design the school’s $288,900 upgrade.

A discovery learning centre will be incorporated into the existing library which will also undergo improvements.

The discovery centre will support the school’s science program and its successful Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program.

It will also support students’ interest in Lancefield’s unique megafauna and rich Wurundjeri heritage.

Lancefield Primary School principal Jo Emond said seeing the first design ideas made the project feel like a reality.

“Today’s really important because now it’s actually happening,” she said.

“I’m really glad Mary-Anne was here when the kitchen garden program was running because they need to see how difficult it is at the moment.

“The kids carry in their classroom chairs, we’ve got old trolleys to put everything on, they all do their washing up in a bucket but they manage, it’s a bit like camping really.

“I’m really proud of the school and really proud of the kids and community supporting us with this and it’s just a really exciting day for us.”

Y2 Architecture project leader Amy Tremewen said the discovery centre would include and kitchen and science lab space, a new general classroom and upgrades to the library with reading rooms and exploration spaces.

Member for Macedon Mary-Anne Thomas said the upgrades were exciting for the students at Lancefield Primary School.

“I know students can’t wait to enjoy the new discovery centre and learn more about science, Lancefield’s rich Wurundjeri heritage and the unique megafauna site,” she said.

“The Victorian Government is making sure Macedon schools have the best facilities, our classrooms have the best teachers and every child is given the chance to succeed.”