The pursuit of happiness


RIDDELLS Creek local Niki Wells understands the many pressures women face in their daily lives.

From balancing the frustrations of work and motherhood to strained relationships and body-shaming, she found herself living in a world of unhappiness.  

“Being a mum I was constantly stressed and I was trying to run the business and look after my kids and be with them – I was just living in this world of frustration all the time,” she said.

“We’re missing out on so much joy. My husband and I were constantly looking for the next best thing and waiting for things to make us happy, but when does it end?”

It wasn’t until she started to look inward and give meditation a try that she began to notice positive changes in her life.

“Many people think this is about meeting a spiritual guide or going into some other reality – it’s not,” she said.

“It’s really about training your brain to slow down and feel stillness. It’s really changed my family.”

Before meditation, Mrs Wells would stay awake at all hours of the night overthinking scenarios in her head.

She now has learnt methods to calm her busy mind.

“For women we’ve got the added drama of our bodies and how we look and how we feel. We say ‘I’ll join the gym when I lose weight and feel more comfortable,’” she said.

“After my experience, I just really want to help women connect and feel good about themselves.”

Mrs Wells has since organised Hearts Alight, a five-session women’s healing workshop on Saturday, January 19 aimed at improving your well-being and overall joy in life.  

The 1.5 hour sessions include yoga, emotional harmony, qoya, the power of thoughts and meditation – with five different teachers.

Mrs Wells hopes to start teaching youth on the benefits of meditation.
“At an early age we are feeling self-conscious and we overanalyse many things.

If I can help teenagers alleviate some of that drama then maybe it can help them later on in life.”

For more information head to Facebook @souladministration or by calling 0447553998.