Sign of the times: Police called in to find missing sign

A BATTLE of the signs has erupted in the race for the Victorian seat of Yan Yean as police continue to investigate alleged election materiel tampering.

A Victoria Police spokesperson confirmed to Whittlesea Review on Monday, October 15, that the ‘investigation remains ongoing’.

An election sign was allegedly taken from a sign post on private property on the corner of Yan Yean Road and Ironbark Road, Yarrambat, sometime between October 8 and 9.

According to public posts and comments, Liberal Candidate for the seat of Yan Yean, Meralyn Klein, allegedly had her election signs taken down.

Member for Yan Yean Danielle Green’s signs were allegedly then found in place, however, it is unclear what transpired.

According to Ms Klein, she had permission to use the space for her political signs.

However, Ms Green rebutted these claims and said in a public statement on Facebook her campaign had received permission.

“Mrs Klein’s signs were erected there… without the owner’s permission. My friends [who allegedly gave permission for the signs] were mystified as only last Thursday they had agreed to my husband’s request to install my signs, just as they did in 2014,” Ms Green alleged via Facebook.

“So instead of respectfully apologising to the property owners for her trespass and seeking the return of her property, Mrs Klein has made a police report of theft.

“It’s really is the strangest way to obtain votes, not to mention a complete waste of important police time.”

In speaking with Whittlesea Review, Ms Klein alleged she has spoken to the right people at the home.

“I went and visited the owner of the land and they said my signs were welcome,” she said.

“I spoke to the property owners. There was an admission of [Danielle Green’s] husband doing it… police want to speak to anyone who may have seen it.

“I just think for any political party to stoop to these sorts of tactics shows the calibre of people they are.”

Victoria Police said officers were looking into a report made to them.

“Greensborough Police has received a report in relation to allegations a political advertising board had been removed from a property in Yarrambat at some stage between 8 and 9 October,” they said.

“Police are looking into whether any offences have been committed.”