THE bland stonework of the Mill Street Mall is to be given new life with the gift of a Kilmore town clock by the Southern Mitchell Rotary Club.

The club has come up with a proposal to install a heritage theme pole clock in Mill Street and this was met with considerable enthusiasm at the September meeting of Mitchell Shire Council.

Cr Annie Goble moved a motion at the meeting tat council accepts the Rotary Club’s offer and that the clock be the proposed 4.7 metre model and not the smaller three metre model as recommended by council officers.

“The clock will make a bold statement in the town centre and that would be greatly lessened if the smaller version was accepted by us,” Cr Goble said.

Cr Fiona Stevens agreed in seconding the motion.

“It’s a very big clock and it will add considerable community interest to this space,” she said.

“The Kilmore Heritage committee has given it a tick of approval and, importantly, the design matches the existing lamp bases on Kilmore’s heritage street lamps,” Cr Bob Humm added.

Following the meeting, Rotary president, Ian Dempsey said that he was pleased with council’s decision to accept the club’s offer.

“The Clock is a gift to the people of Kilmore, and we look forward to continuing discussions with council to bring the Mill Street clock to reality,” Mr Dempsey said.

The clock will be funded through the Rotary Club’s community asset program. This Program is dedicated to delivering enhancement projects for Mitchell townships, improved community amenity with many project that compliment council’s capital works program.

Community asset program co-ordinator, Gordon Hastie, said that it was the intention of Rotary to gift clocks to towns within the Southern Mitchell Rotary Club’s catchment.

The clock will be designed and manufactured for Rotary in the USA by Verdin Design Group and will include a header that reads ‘Kilmore Est.1843’. The clock face measures 1.13m.


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