Whittlesea winner

Champions Supa IGA Whittlesea store manager Luke Davies with the happy winner Francesca Perta.

by Jackson Russell

A WHITTLESEA supermarket might be the luckiest store in the state, with yet another of the store’s customers winning the Champions IGA Grand Grocery Giveaway.

Whittlesea resident Francesca Perta won the first of five $1000 grocery vouchers to be won by customers across the group’s nine stores every week.

“I’ve never won anything in my life so it’s very nice actually,” Ms Perta said.

“I’ve been off work because I’ve had a back injury so it’ll help quite a lot.

“It’s still very surreal and when I go to use my card I have to think twice. It’s really nice and the people here are lovely too. I’m always here, pretty much every day so it will definitely last me a few months.”

Store manager Luke Davies said it’s a way for the group to reward customers for their loyalty to the small chain.

“We run it every year so we can give our loyal customers a chance to get something back from the business,” he said.

“It feels good for us to be the luckiest store, but I don’t think the other stores are too thrilled.

“It’s really good for the area and it’s really good for people to see that we actually honour what we say with our prizes.”

The store was also home to the winner of last year’s $5000 winner and the winner of the second week of this year’s competition.

“I’d just like to say thanks to Champions Supa IGA Whittlesea for doing this and I’d like to thank all the guys here because they’re lovely,” Ms Perta added.