Finding the H.E.A.R.T

THE Whittlesea Healthy, Energetic, Active, Relaxed and Together (HEART) project has been shortlisted in the Pick My Project initiative.

Project Applicant Kerry Clarke, who applied for $200,000, is set on driving healthy habits in the region with the idea centred on building bike sheds through the region.

Once constructed, the debate on the rail trail would be reignited for residents.

Ms Clarke said she was excited to see the project go through to the next phase.

“We are pretty excited to get through the first step, it was complicated to apply but we got there,” she said.

“The idea is we want people to get moving, out and about… we want people to be out in the connecting areas – a place to safely lock up bikes.

“Whittlesea has one of the highest rates of heart attack in the state so we thought people we wanted people out there and active… this allows them to know they can ride through town and have somewhere to store the bike.”

Whittlesea Community House’s Mary-Lynn Griffith said she was excited to see the plans come to fruition.

“We are keen to see more people riding in the neighbourhood,” she said.

“We will have the new lights going in on Plenty Road so nothing will cut through and we can all safely enjoy the town.

“We will work with the schools as well to encourage student riders as well.”

Voting has opened where residents across the state can shortlist their favourite ideas.

The projects with the most votes will be funded.

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