by Joshua Wells

A CHILD is recovering after being hit by a vehicle on Rutledge Street, Kilmore, at 3.30pm on Wednesday, July 25.

St Patrick’s Primary School principal Michael Bourne confirmed to North Central Review a child had been affected following the incident.

“There was a traffic incident, a slow speed impact,” he said.

“There was contact between a child and a car but there was no broken bones and the child is at home.

“Staff came out from multiple schools for traffic management… the responses from staff and parents was nothing short of amazing. Within 40 minutes everything had disappeared.”

While the unfortunate event caused some panic at the time, Mr Bourne said he was proud of the ‘compassion and professionalism’ shown by those at the scene.

However, Mr Bourne was left disappointed by rumours.

“If there are incidents like this, it is so important to wait for correct information to be shared with the community,” he said.

“By following the correct information channels, it prevents misinformation or any anxiety.”

Victoria Police confirmed emergency services attended the scene.

“Police and emergency services attended a collision on Rutledge Street about 3.30pm on July 25,” a spokesperson said.

“It’s understood an eight-year-old boy was hit by a slow moving van when he ran onto the road.

“The driver was treated at the scene for shock.”