Finding Lost Trades in Kyneton

A BUMPER crowd turned out for the Lost Trades Fair in Kyneton at the weekend.

The fair aimed to showcase all sorts of different trades and talents of days gone by, with plenty of people transfixed on the displays.

With everything from print makers to armourers, the event was a weekend out for young and old.

THE Lost Trades Fair in Kyneton was a hit, with thousands of people pouring through the gates at the Kyneton Racecourse.

Oragnisers Lisa and Glen Rundell were at the helm of the event on Saturday, March 10, aiming to celebrate the lost trades, arts and skills of days gone by.

Mrs Rundell told The Free Press she was thrilled to see so many people want to experience the unique event.

“This was our fifth one and it was a fantastic to event,” she said.

“To see everyone come out and enjoy the arts and crafts, and for our artists to have their work acknowledged, it was fantastic.

“I am beyond proud of the event.”

The Lost Trades Fair was established to remind people of the trades, artisans and makers who continue to pursue their trade as a career.

The fair acts as a platform to showcase skills, craftsmanship and share knowledge.