Op Shop set to close its doors

THE workers in Romsey’s Op Shop on Main Street are ‘shocked’ after their lease was not renewed.

It is believed that the owner has deemed the building unsafe and will seek to have it demolished.

Eileen Lever, one of the shop’s workers, said she was sad to see the Op Shop close, a shop which has helped support drug and rehabilitation programs.

“I couldn’t believe it when the lease wasn’t renewed. What can we do?” she told The Free Press.”

“It is sad for the people who can’t afford to cloth and look after themselves. Our proceeds go to drug rehabilitation and those programs were always been our main focus.”

“It is just sad really. You are sad you can’t get involved in the community and help people. A lot of the people are shocked.”

The Op Shop workers said they were not sure if they were able to start up again at another venue due to the price of rent.

Ms Lever said of the properties available, she could not see a way they could afford to start again soon. Hopefully an affordable building inthe area will become available.

“Right now there are no shops available for us and we wouldn’t be able to afford ones that are on the market,” she said.

“Where is everything going to go? We have helped recycle this stuff for the past seven years.

“We get overloaded on a Monday, so now people might take their stuff to the tip.”