Seymour College receives more than $6 million


SEYMOUR College has reason to celebrate following the announcement they will receive more than $6 million in state government funding for a redevelopment of the school’s facilities on Friday afternoon.

The Victorian government have allocated $2.5 billion toward upgrading school infrastructure across the state, allowing the Mitchell Shire school to reap the rewards.

Member for Northern Victoria Jaclyn Symes said the money could have wider economic implications for the region.

“I think, along with this funding, there are some really exciting things for Seymour,” she told North Central Review.

“We have new business coming to the town, we are looking at future proofing the town and I think this is an important step to revitalising Seymour.

“Fixing the school is going to make a great deal of difference. You have passionate teachers committed to educational outcomes and the facilities send a message to the kids that we don’t care, so once they realise we do care, they can learn better in those environments.”

The $6.88 million project includes a new building for the school’s middle and senior students, an extension for food technology and will align closely with an integrated community/learning hub.

The $3.7 million hub, which is funded by the State Government and the Mitchell Shire, will host a range of activities including Maternal and Child Health services, an Early Learning Centre, extended day care, Allied Health and parenting and community groups.

Works on Seymour College are expected to begin later this year.