Road trap fears

CFA District 12 is not disputing Wire Rope Barriers will save Victorian lives, but they are concerned about people becoming trapped.

CFA District 12 Vegetation Management officer Phil Hawkey said the CFA municipal managers from Seymour to Wodonga aren’t being heard.

“It is of concern there is an inconsistency from VicRoads in attendances at meetings,” he said.

“It is more concerning the fact we need to meet and discuss with people who are familiar with the region to try work through the issues, but we aren’t getting that from VicRoads. It is extremely frustrating,” Mr Hawkey added.

“I think we would be able to achieve a result that will be suitable for both CFA and for VicRoads, and more importantly the community, if they come to municipal meetings.”

“We do not dispute the fact these barriers will save lives, it is absolutely true. We just may be creating another hazard and we are the most fire prone state in the world.”

Mr Horkey said VicRoads has been invited to all of the relevant municipal meetings, but ‘more broadly, they haven’t been forthcoming’.

VicRoads Safe System Road Infrastructure Program director Bryan Sherritt said representatives from every district had been consulted about their roll out.

“We’ve been working with CFA district representatives throughout the design and rollout of flexible safety barriers in north central Victoria,” he said.

“We incorporate the CFA’s position on flexible barriers into our road safety designs and we’re continuing to work with them throughout the rollout.”