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Ray’s one of the best

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By Joshua Wells

RAY Carroll is one of the most well respected sports people the North Central region has ever seen, and for good reason.

The man himself helped shape some of the greatest footballers, cricketers and people the world has ever seen.

Mr Carroll, as he is known around Assumption College, has grown to watch his players usher in 45 AFL and first class cricket premierships.

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He has written books and still writes a column for the North Central Review – he embodies what it means to live in Kilmore.

Mr Carroll himself was a good footballer and cricketer when he was young. He captained Terang High School and eventually became a Country Week cricketer.

He has taught and played in the United Kingdom and he eventually landed at Assumption College in the late sixties as the First XI coach.

Mr Carroll went on to become the sports coordinator in 1973 until 2007, dormitory supervisor from 1976 until 1996 and taught English, History, Religion, Sports and Science.

He worked virtually all day, every day during his coaching days – he wouldn’t change a thing.

He has many awards to his name, including an Order of Australia medal in 1993, and people know him anywhere he goes.

Mr Carroll, however, is always humble.

“It was a fantastic experience to coach here for so long, I was involved with some tremendous lads,” he said.

“A lot of them became legends of the game in football and cricket. It was a privilege to be involved.

“Across the two sports there were 45 premierships. It does not make me the greatest coach… I was lucky.

“I still come back and watch Assumption play. The best thing I got out of it all was fantastic friendships with families and students.”

Mr Carroll has had a hand in players like Billy Brownless and Neale Daniher, but when it comes to the coach himself, these players give him a lot of credit.

As another year in 2018 rolls around, Mr Carroll is all set to keep following what the new generation of Assumption students have to offer.

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