Teacher hands $10,000 gift to his school


By Joshua Wells

STUDENTS in Year Five and Six at Wandong Primary School will receive a generous Christmas gift this December – $10,000 donated by a teacher.

The school were stunned when Primary teacher Bradley Moedt announced he had won a competition to win $10,000 through X-Drive Australia and confirmed every cent was theirs.
He entered the competition explaining what he would do with the cash which endeared him to a voting public who declared he was a worthy winner.

Mr Moedt said the students of his school needed the cash injection more than he did.

“I would have loved the $10,000 but the kids need this so much more than me,” he said.

“They will be able to explore the world from the classroom and become global citizens. We are very spoilt in Australia and we aren’t quite aware of that so I hope this helps them develop an idea.”

“We can get them more technology so they can further their understanding of the world and life. It all goes to them.”

The generous gift was inspired after Mr Moedt noticed the students could greatly benefit from more funding.

The school’s community came together to rally for the funding and garnered public support.