Kooknapped in Kilmore East

By Joshua Wells

A COMMUNITY group in Kilmore East has been left bewildered following the theft of their kookaburra statue recently.

The Kilmore East Recreation Reserve had its famed animal taken recently, a blow to the community members who helped fundraise to erect the park’s centrepiece.

Kilmore East Recreation Reserve Committee Management chair John Dixson said he could not understand why somebody would take the kookaburra.

“It is very disappointing, the community put effort into this reserve and to see this happen is most unfair,” he said.

“This has significant impact; it is the community spirit which seems to get destroyed.”

“Bring it back. There are lots of reasons why it ought to be here and no reasons why it should not be here.”

The police have been notified and are on the lookout for the thieves.

The group is hoping the statue is returned so they can re-erect the bird as soon as possible.