Debate rages over Hume Freeway speed cameras

By Joshua Wells

PUBLIC opinion is divided on what is actually happening on the Hume Freeway, with some motorists claiming they have been unfairly fined.

Wallan woman Seran Magraci is today fighting in the Broadmeadows Magistrates Court after she allegedly received six fines in late 2016 after driving through the point-to-point cameras.

Debate has raged on about what is actually happening on the Freeway, and regular freeway driver Scott Carpenter said he had put thought into why people were being fined.
“Was pondering this again,” he said.

“I travel the Hume [Freeway] most days in both directions and have never received a fine.

“If there is a fault in the system, how does it single out just some non-speeding drivers and not others?”

A group on Facebook named Amaroo Road Speed Camera was started recently where it appears a slew of drivers were receiving the same 108km/h fine, some more than once.
Others spoke of family members who have used the roads every day and not once received a fine.

Joanne Walsh said she wondered if people slowed down on the highway, raising their average speeds in the point-to-point system.

“Does anyone know if the point to point cameras also take into account the varying speed limits?” she questioned.

“Between Beveridge and Craigieburn the speed limit changes from 110 to 80 to 100 km/h, so I would assume anyone not slowing down to 80 would receive a fine, even if they didn’t exceed 100 further on.”

While this question was a common one raised, others believed it was due to people’s lack of awareness on the roads.

Jenny Tucker said she thought all the cars zipping by her car probably would be fined.

“I see plenty passing me while I am doing the speed limit and my theory is most people fined probably are speeding and deserve it,” she said.