By Joshua Wells

THE Road Safety Camera Commission has investigated a similar claim to those being made about the Hume Freeway earlier this year.

The Peninsula Link was independently investigated by ByteSmart expert Stuart McCormack after a Facebook group called Peninsula Link 108 claimed the cameras were faulty.

Like the Hume Freeway, point-to-point cameras are active but the report revealed no drivers were issued incorrect fines.

According to the report, tabled to the Road Safety Camera Commission in April, a driving culture could be contributing to similar fines.

“This investigation came about after public disquiet. After the most detailed analysis that this office has undertaken, no errors or faults were observed, the system is operating accurately, and its integrity has been validated,” the report said.

“Further, we are satisfied that the general driving public are either consciously, or unconsciously, slowing at each of the cameras until passing the camera and then speeding up after passing the camera, resulting in readings of higher point-to-point speed than instantaneous speed.

“We find there to be a pervasive culture in this regard amongst drivers, slowing at cameras and then speeding up.”

The detailed report investigated ‘millions ’of journeys on the Peninsula Link and believed similar fines of 108km/h were down to chance.

“In the circumstances, I conclude that the Peninsula Link 108 Facebook group is simply a matter of chance, or their concerns are a matter of chance,” the report read.

“The group has asserted that because of their number, there must be an error.

“However, in our analysis it was equally possible (and potentially self-justified) that drivers at any of a number of speeds could have considered their speed to be incorrect, basing that assertion on sheer numbers.

“However, the data shows that there are enormous numbers of vehicles travelling and being recorded at a range of speeds.

“Social media has proved an echo chamber for infringers to meet and complain. There is no evidence of error in the road safety camera system.”