Visitors will have the opportunity to meet face to beak with some amazing birds of prey at the Clonbinane event. Photo: David Whelan

THE Sunday Creek Dry Creek Landcare is holding a birds of prey event in Clonbinane to enable locals to get to know these amazing creatures of the air.

Those attending will learn how an owl can catch prey even in complete darkness and how a kestrel uses it’s ‘superpowers’ to locate prey. In addition, there will be information on how to help to protect these unique birds of prey in their habitat.

The Presentation by Martin Scuffins from Leigh Valley Hawk and Owl Sanctuary commences at 12.30pm until 1.30pm on November 18 at Clonbinane Community Hall in Waterford Park.

Birds of prey are perfectly adapted to the natural world they share with us. Come and meet a variety of birds from the Leigh Valley Hawk and Owl Sanctuary as these flying predators showcase their agility and superb adaptions during this personal encounter.
Event entry is by booking only and a gold coin donation will be accepted. RSVP required by November 10 to Jacqui Fulton, Sunday Creek. Dry Creek Landcare Secretary on 0407 871 770 or email